Monday, August 27, 2007

Jaunita Bynum preaching on no more sheets

Jaunita Bynum preaching on no more sheets.

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lenierf said...

I am a 22 years old African American woman from edgard,LA. I ran across "No More Sheets" on BET and I wanted to hear this sermon for a long time now, but i haven't been able to purchase the dvd because i've been having financial hardship, but in due time i will get it cause that sermon is for me. It is meant for me to hear this sermon and it had a tremondous effect on me for the little that i did hear. My life has been a mess and i'm tring to give it all to GOD. I'm a christian who has fallen, but by his power through you pastor bynum i will be able to over come. I would love to get closer to GOD than ever before, but I see it's a fight that i'm willing to fight. Like you said but that bull dog face on not the mouse and demand things in the name of jesus. GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND FOREVER KEEP YOU LOVE ALWAYS A GREAT FAN